Can I download your MP3s onto my phone?

There are two answers to this question:

No, the files for our mp3 downloads are of the highest quality and are too big to download onto a mobile phone with a normal mobile internet based connection like GPRS or 3G. You would need to download the song to your computer then transfer the file to your mobile phone. We say no in this instance as the files are huge and if you connect through your network they could end up charging you much more than you paid for the song, we think this is unjust so we advise you to download on your PC in this case.

But if your phone uses wifi / broadband / a proper internet connection. You should be able to access the download on your smart phone if your phone has a wireless internet connection to connect to your broadband at home.

Do you sell phone cases?

Yes. We sell a range of phone cases – slim and executive case, free delivery and even custom fit.

Why do I have extra charges for downloading?
Your mobile network might charge you for internet access on your mobile phone. Please understand this is not an extra charge from us, it comes from your network; please contact them direct to ensure you are on the fairest possible data plan for your needs. Some networks like Tesco Mobile and Virgin Mobile have much higher data charges than the others. You can get free mobile internet from some networks.